Hi all.

Welcome to my wordpress.com photo-blog.

My photo website is http://disci.smugmug.com.

I am an amateur, hobbyist & part time photographer. I am interested in most aspects of photography, but especially snapping sport and nature pics.

My main sport photography interests are basketball, surfing, triathlons, cycling, softball and running. Within nature photography, my main interest is in photographing birds, especially if I’m doing so as part of a walk through a National Park.

I hope you enjoy my photo-blog-posts and also visiting my galleries at http://disci.smugmug.com. My Blogger photo blog (Sports Photography) is at http://disci7.blogspot.com. I generally try to share different pics on each of these blogs.

Smugmug prints are very good quality, produced in the USA, and of course are posted worldwide. If you’re in Australia and would like to purchase photos which have been produced in Brisbane, simply send me an email at disci7 AT gmail dot com and let me know which images you’re interested in.




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