“Two Bridges in One Walk” – Walking Brisbane’s Kurilpa Bridge & “Go Between Bridge” on a beautiful winter’s day; July 2010

Main Link: My Smugmug Photo Gallery on walking across Brisbane’s Kurilpa Bridge and Go Between Bridge on a beautiful winter’s day.

Hi all

Catching up on a very nice walk last July when I walked across Brisbane’s two newest bridges: the Kurilpa Bridge and the “Go Between” Bridge. The strange thing is that I don’t even like the Kurilpa Bridge: too many ‘spikes and cables’ for my taste, but I still found it ‘compelling’ to photograph. Onto some pics:

Kurilpa Bridge, with a City Cat Ferry below

Kurila Bridge – “Spikes & Cables”

“GOMA” – Gallery of Modern Art – as seen from the Kurilpa Bridge:

Kurilpa Bridge, with Brisbane’s CBD in the background, as seen from ‘the south side’

A few minutes’ walk away – the “Go Between Bridge”

Go Between Bridge

Go Between Bridge, with another City Cat Ferry emerging

The Photo Gallery showing the Kurilpa Bridge & Go Between Bridge.

Thanks for looking!


About disci7

Hobbyist & part time photographer. I enjoy photographing sport (especially basketball, surfing, triathlons, cycling, running & softball), nature and birds.
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